I love the written word, reading, literature and all types of storytelling. We recently shopped in a store that had this covering the walls. They simply took pages from books and put them on the wall with one brass tack…how cool is that?

Now some people might not like this idea as it means taking apart a book. Others might think this is a great idea for a bathroom…a way to always provide at the ready reading materials. Others might see this as a great way to cover a library wall, or share ideas in a common space. However you look at it, it means taking something and using it for a completely different purpose. 

Your challenge for today is to rethink something you use every day…use it differently. Take it apart, hang it up, twist it around…or cover it in paint, marker or maybe even dirt. What ever you do, rethink the ordinary item of life. It is by rethinking and finding new ways to approach our world that we get those creative juices flowing. And life will change when you let go and let it flow.