I found this wall art on the side of a building in Valley Forge. The entire side of the building was covered with this contemporary image of a tree, but it was the dedication that caught my eye. I do not know who Patrick Palmer was, and yet this mural tells it all. 

He must have been a man of great courage and in that courage inspired others to follow their dreams. If you zoom in closely to the green leaves on the left side of this photo, you can read the individual comments of people who were impacted by the life of this one person. There must have been 25-30 different names, stories, comments on the impact this man had on the people in his world. 

How do you want to be remembered? What will people say about how you impacted their world when you are long gone? Have you thought about the legacy you are leaving – encouragement, passion, courage, wisdom, money – or some combination of all those things? It’s never too late to think about this one…take time today to make one small comtribution to the world that will begin to create your legacy…