These women are sitting at the front of an outdoor supply store…can you see the moments slipping away in their lives – a man they love is still in the store shopping away. These women are what I like to call “Shopping Hostages”. It’s very nice that the store has a pleasant place for them to rest while they wait. What you cannot see in this shot is that every chair in the front of the store is taken…lots of hostages!

At least once in our lives we have all been shopping hostages. We are with someone who wants to go into a store or warehouse where we have no interest. Sometimes we go willingly, sometimes we end up a hostage with no fore warning…sometimes we go to pay back for when we made the other person a hostage…sometimes we just end up holding the bags, purses or coats. However you end up there, it is always nice to have a comfy chair while you wait. 

Being a shopping hostage is a growth moment for relationships. Are you willing to endure it in order to be with the other person? Are you willing to wait while they enjoy their shopping escapades? Or do you only go if you know that you will not end up a hostage? Too often we forget that it is not always all about us! Not everyone likes to shop, so hostage survival may be more endurable with a book, or coffe, or even a nice table outside. Next time you are out and about looking for that “thing” be kind to the hostages of your shopping world. At least give them food and drink, or like in this shot an electronic device so they can while away the time…as we all know there is nothing worse than a cranky shopping hostage!