My husband and I have a goal to walk ten thousand steps each day. When I went to bed I had 9,547 steps…ugh! I sighed a heavy sigh and thought long and hard about getting in those last few hundred steps. I was tired, already in my pajamas, my bed was warm, and I wanted to read my book. The cat was cuddled up against my leg and all I wanted to do was stay here.

And then that nagging thought came into my brain…was I committed to my goal or was I willing to give into the lie? Lie, what lie? You know what lie I mean; it’s the one you tell yourself to justify why you are NOT doing what you know you should be doing. It’s the lie you tell your soul when you know what you are doing is wrong. It’s the lie you swallow that makes you feel better in the moment and miserable in the long run. Whether it’s a little white one, a fib, an excuse or a big fisherman’s tale…you know EXACTLY what I mean. A lie is a lie. 

Dag-nab-it…I got out of bed, went outside and walked around the driveway in my pajamas and got those four hundred fifty-three steps to hit my ten thousand. I felt dumb and proud at the same time. I had made a commitment, a resolution to change and I wasn’t going to buy the lie one more time. The only person who could change my world was me…which meant walking around in my pajamas so I could remain an honest woman. 

So next time you face your commitment – your resolution to change – your personal choice to not buy your own lie is worth the effort. Stick to your resolution today and get up, get moving, get it done…even if you are still wearing your pajamas!