Inspiration 275: Pieces of Eight…Who Knew?


We recently visited Valley Forge and saw the amazing exhibits in the Visitor’s Center.  I took this photo of a silver coin broken into exactly eight pieces…you’ve heard the phrase “pieces of eight”…well here they are. During this war when a soldier had to purchase something, there were no smaller coin denominations – no nickles, dimes, quartes – so the soldier broke a coin into eight exact pieces and gave the merchant a piece of eight as the exact denomination. Pretty clever! It became the agreed upon method for purchases of all types. 

What have you done lately that has been innovative? What have you done that has become a method by which the lives of others are made better? Maybe today you can take that idea you have for a new process, method, tool or theme and present it to the world! Who’s not to say that your idea may be the one that makes all the difference for someone else? Don’t hold back, give it all you’ve got…have the courage to break the standard into smaller pieces – maybe eight – and establish a new standard of measure…you might end up with a broken coin, or you may change the way the country looks at money. We won’t know which until you try!


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