There comes a time in our lives – if we are fortunate, when family members become our friends. I recently snapped this shot of a grandfather with his teenage grandson in a movie together. I noticed that the young man went for the snacks, and grandpa held the seats. During the movie there were several times where they leaned in to speak…and once the young man punched his grandpa in the arm after a comment. 

What a blessing it is when family become friends. It takes time, it takes trust, it takes forgiveness, it takes investment. It takes both parties allowing the other to be who they are NOT who you think they should be…it takes allowing others to see the real you, not just the you that shows during important public events. It takes effort and laughter, and like in this picture it takes a rainy Saturday afternoon in a local movie theatre. 

I encourage you to make friends with your family, or make family out of your friends. Either way, it’s worth the effort!