Have you ever had one of those days when you think you want to give? When you are tired of fighting the battle and want to just watch television, eat ice cream and sulk…it’s been a long time since you felt success and just want to quit…have I got a story for you…

This is a table that was built by my Dad, Bill Moore. He turned 84 this past April, and he was just accepted into his first national art show. He found out he was accepted into the American Craft Council show in Atlanta, GA March 10-13, 2016 (www.craftcouncil.org)!!! You read that correctly – 84 and applied to his first show…and got in!

So what was that about wanting to quit because you are tired of trying, you’re not sure it’s worth the effort, you’re not sure if you should even try…I think Bill just took away all our excuses…never give up! Keep going, keep dreaming, shoot for your goal…keep on keeping on! Bill did it at 84, you surely can muster enough courage and energy to try!

Yes, I am proud of my Dad for building furniture and being inspired to apply. I’m proud of him for not letting age or mobility or time or energy stop him from his ideas and passion. I’m proud that he and my Mom have something they like to do that gets them out of bed each day wanting to still share their gifts with the world. And I am more than blessed to be part of their adventure. Stay tuned as we travel the path to Dad’s first show…six months will be here before we know it. Congratulations Bill Moore, thanks for being an inspiration to us all!!!