It’s that time of year again…time to crunch leaves under your feet. This was my first encounter this year with fallen leaves, and I loved it. It reminded me that I can soon wear flannel, tights, fall colors and enjoy drinking hot chocolate while watching football games. Fall means beautiful colors, pumpkins, cooler nights and the joy of smelling burning leaves in the air. 

Fall also means that the year is soon coming to an end. Only a little over three more months left and we will be into a new year. Before we go there, let’s enjoy this wonderful season. As we break into our warm clothes and cheer our favorite football teams, let’s also finish the year in triumph. Time to buckle down and finalize the goals we started so many months ago. Time to throw off the excuses of summer and get things done….you can do it. Don’t give in to the fear that it’s too late, there is still time to do what you promised yourself you would do. You still have time to reach the victory line, just don’t give up…let the leaves fall where they may…you can do it!