To me this nose represents curiosity at it’s best. This milk cow was as interested in me as I was in her. She wanted to smell me, lick me, find out more about why I was invading her space. Can you smell her? Can you enjoy the texture and hairs on her snout? Can you hear her lick her chops and snort hot air in my face? This is nature at it’s curious best.

What do you look like when you are curious? Do you furrow your brow or purse your lips? Do you slightly tilt your head or lift your hand to your ear to hear better? Do you squint to focus? Or maybe you stand still in silence to let all your senses take in every ounce of information. Maybe you get overwhelmed by smells and pinch your nose, or do you adjust your glasses to get a closer look?

Like this cow, today I encourage you to be curious…go find something, someone, some place that you want to know more about…and go for it. Put your nose out there…and all your other senses…and let your curiosity come to life.