Inspiration 268: One Interaction at a Time

When I was growing up my parents would entertain all sorts of people by inviting them to our home. I learned how to greet people at the door, take thier coats, engage in small talk with our guests, and how to eat a meal with people I did not know. I learned how to be polite, friendly, kind, and how to think of others before myself. Times have changed and people do not entertain in their homes as much as previous generations. We meet in public places and spend time together in a variety of locations, not just our homes. 

These chairs and other groups like them line the Ithica Commons. They provide a place for people to meet, greet, talk, chat, eat, drink…and generally be merry. If these chairs could talk they would have countless stories to tell. What about your stories? Where do you meet people to talk, chat, or entertain? What do you bring to the table to blend your life with others? Where in your world do you spend time with people AND practice the manners that make our lives more kind? Today I challange you to interact with others while practicing kindess and manners to make the world a better place, one interaction at a time. 


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