For those who do not have time to travel around Tokyo and experience the amazing paper shops, this is a great alternative. KyuKyodo has a small version of their shop in the central area of Narita airport. Yes, you read correctly. This shop is at the airport, and worth the steps you will take to pass your gate. It is an amazing example of all the best you would find in the full stores in Tokyo. 
In the airport version, you can see the array of handmade papers sold by the sheet. The shelves have multiples available for purchase, everything from Chiyogami to origami. All sorts of colors, patterns, textures and sizes await your review. For a small space they have a very nice sampling for you to choose from…and they are easy to carry on your flight. If someone asked you to bring  home paper and you had no chance to shop, this store will be your salvation. 

Kyukyodo also has a nice variety of paper objects – note pads, pens, handmade cards, stationery and writing instruments. There are examples of nice Japanese hand painted wall hangings, calligraphy brushes, inks and local artist created items. Overall you will be able to find wonderful examples of handmade Japanese crafts without being over priced. When I compared the prices to the ones we found on the Ginza, for example, they were basically the same price…no over exaggerated airport mark ups here!

What makes this store different from other gift shops found at the airport is that you can buy the supplies to create your own art instead of just purchasing the completed item. If you have a desire to be creative and utilize Japanese “natural wonders” this is the last place to check before boarding your flight. 

Flight delayed, no worries. Check out the shopping at Narita and enjoy this excellent store for all your authentic Japanese paper related items.