In corporate America we talk about diversity from many perspectives…people, demographics, backgrounds, cultures, size, shape, color…so many levels. We send people to diversity training, we review the process during new hire orientation, we set diversity strategies, and we design groups around supporting the concept. What really makes the difference is not how much we talk about it, what makes a difference is how we act. 

Isn’t that the truth for so many concepts that we profess to endorse, and yet fail on implementing?  We talk and talk and talk…and fail to act consistently. This window mural reminded me that to support our beliefs we need physical reminders of our ideals. We need to take a stand, make an investment, put some skin in the game – we need to stand up and be counted. By putting a physical reminder about what we believe, what we want, and what we stand for we are constantly reminded to act in agreement. It keeps us in check and in line. 

When you survey the place where you spend tons of time, what covers your walls? What physical reminders do you surround yourself with? What signs, images, knick knacks or chotchkies remind you about what you believe? How does your space support your beliefs? Take time today to create a physical environment that supports your inner person. Let the physical support your beliefs…so one can ehance the other.