Think about what it takes for airplanes to get off the ground – the physics, the engineering, the machinery, the fuel, and the algorithms needed to get all those people in the right seats…and hopefully on time. Whew…so much goes into getting us from one place to another quickly. Recently we have been flying from heather to yon to attend work and personal events. This week I flew to Boston, Philly, Orlando…and at the end of the week back into Atlanta.

For those who fly often or even once in a while, be sure to think about the people and systems that helped you arrive safely. Whether you had a good expereince or vow to never travel on that airline again…you did arrive, which is so much better than the alternative. Be thankful for the multitude of elements that worked together for your good. When you hug the people you are there to see, or attend that boring meeting…be glad to be there in one piece. In a time when we scurry about and over schedule our lives, arriving is a necessity and a blessing.