Do you remember how much you wanted to drive when you were a little kid? What a thrill it was to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle and dream about being in charge? You can see in the smiles of these two adorable little girls how much fun they anticipate having as they ride with thier Grandpa. Hooray for sharing the joy of children for something we take for granted as adults.

So today bring back the joy and freedom as you travel to and from in your vehicle. Feel the wind in your hair or the thrill of being able to decide your path. If you want to take the same daily route, take it. If you want to turn down a new side street, turn and make it an adventure. If you want to follow another car to see where that highly traveled side streets ends up, follow the line of cars in front of you…just do what you want! Enjoy the privilege of driving as if you were behind the wheel of your Grandpa’s farm vehicle…to make it even better, giggle outloud!