Here my husband enjoys the view of Cayuga Lake on a sunny, cool September afternoon. It means he put aside the electronic devices, sat still and actually conversed with the people that were around him…what a thought!

Your challenge today is to sit still and stop. Look at a beautiful site and enjoy the calm and quiet. Put down the electronic world and enjoy the natural world. When we embrace peace, beauty, quiet and calm…it is contagious. Those around us are then given time to know us better, know themselves better, and we then know what the true thoughts of our hearts REALLY are…but be careful…quiet has a way of changing things. 

Like the slow erosion water can inflict upon rock, silence will erode the filth and confusion in your mind and allow you to absorb the beauty within your world. And that beauty will overflow into your work, your creations, your soul. So act on today’s challenge with care, for if you want your world to change embracing the peace and silence around you will change your world indeed!