I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie…here is our book collection of her novels, poems, short stories, plays, and fiction. She is the best selling mystery writer ever…ever…ever. She was the first mystery writer to make the narrator the murderer. She was the only woman of her generation creating the volume of work she published. For over fifty years she wrote text that featured suspense, drama, romance, and her characters have endured generations and enthralled readers from across the globe. 

I don’t want you to compare yourself to Agatha, more be inspired by her commitment to her craft. She wrote when a woman writer was dismissed and overlooked. She produced when people told her no one would want to read work writted by a woman…how did she handle that? I would love to be able to ask her, but I can’t. What  I can tell you is that instead of giving up, she produced more and more and more…and laughed all the way to bank.

I encourage you today to never give up, never give in, never allow other people who say you can’t do it to win…keep up the good fight!!! Keep producing, refining, editing, tweaking until you get it right. Keep going. Keep your energy and efforts focused on the future. There will always be people who can point out what won’t work, and they will always be in your life. Take the Agatha Christie method to heart…keep your head down, keep focused, keep producing.