Inspiration 259: If Bottles Could Talk…

This bottle sculpture appeared at a vineyard we visited recently. It beautifully highlighted the empty remnants of many celebrations…weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties, family gatherings. What a great way to transform a throw away item into a fanciful display. 

What I thought about were all the stories, fun, conversations, and tears that were shed over the gallons and gallons and gallons of wine stored within these glass vessels. It’s not the wine that made all that possible, it was the people. It’s not the special occasion that mattered – not really – it was the memories shared and created that would endure. The vineyard provided the gathering place, the wine provided the vehicle, the people provided the energy and the fun. 

Think about the last event you went to – who was there, what was experienced, who will never live down the stupid comment or dumb statement, and who will never forget the words of love and appreciation expressed over a bottle of something….if bottles could talk they would have a tale to tell…


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