It’s milking time at the farm. This was taken at Fessenden Farm in King Ferry, NY. They have been producing milk for seven generations…over one hundred years. Check out the face on the cow with number 314 on it’s ears. Those are tags the farmer uses to track the milk production and all sorts of other important metrics and demographics for measuring the health and welfare of the cow. We took a tour and it was fascinating to see behind the scenes of this amazing operation. 

These cows are milked three times a day – 6am, 2pm, 10pm – 365 days a year. A staff of 14 complete this amazing schedule each and every day. That means when you are I are sleeping, someone is preparing to milk a cow. When you and I are vacationing…someone is preparing to milk a cow. When you and I are eating Chobani yogurt…someone milked a cow to produce the milk that created that product. This farm also grows all the corn and grain the cows consume, and processes the 180 pounds of manure each cow produces each day into compost to sell to local nurseries. I am a busy person, pretty productive in my own mind…seeing this operations made me feel like I was in a coma. 

Admiration, amazement, awe is what I experienced on this tour. Today I celebrate the farmers and staff who work tirelessly to produce the products we consume so easily. I celebrate a country where families can grow their business to this level. I appreciate the commitment and energy it takes to keep this size and scale of operation going. My favorite quote from the tour…”I learned from my grandparents and am passing that knowledge down to my grandchildren”…powerful stuff! Thank you Fessenden farm for sharing your world with us all!!!