These are the Bailey Boys…twins! Yes, they are indeed twin brothers. One lives in New Jersey, one lives in Georgia. One is a programmer, one works in pharmaceuticals. Both have one daughter, and each daughter is now married. Both have a very wonderful son in law…who live at opposite ends of the country. Both love food, both love photography, both enjoy laughing and joking…and exploring new things to see and do. Both are very intelligent and handsome and articulate. They are the same but different.

What makes this an interesting pair is that they are similar as twins, yet very unique as individuals. They accept each other for who they are and allow themselves to be different. The Georgia Bailey lives in a rural community, drives a pick up truck, has cats, and wears flip flops while working from home. The New Jersey Bailey lives in the big city, drives a luxury car, and wears a tie while working in an office in a skyscraper. Same background, different definitions of where they want to live and work. 

Both are successful and have worked hard to be successful. Both love their family, and both enjoy being together. My point is that whether you are just like your family or very different – like this country mouse and city mouse – embrace the differences your family brings to your world. You might enjoy them, they might rub you the wrong way, they might even live so far away you don’t see them very often…just be glad for those who make up your family.