Inspiration 255: Inner Beauty

You guessed it, women were putting on make up and getting ready for a big event. This is a small portion of the items used to make everyone look very beautiful. Patience, time, expertise and discussion were employed as each woman took her turn in the hot seat. Women ventured in and out of the room during the day until everyone had been beautified!

I ask you – what does beauty really mean? Is it about make up and color and how your hair is coiffured? Is it about what you wear and if your shoes match? Is it about nails and earrings and necklaces? There is a billion dollar business around all those items. I’m not putting that down – it is amazing what all that can do for someone’s appearance. What I’m asking is this, is all this where beauty starts…I think not. 

Beauty is about who you are inside. It’s about inner radiance – that glow that shows through no matter what you wear. Beauty is knowing that you have something to offer the world and are willing to let it out. Beauty is not age, size, race, or color dependent…beauty is universal. Women who know what they have and want to enhance it is what this use of products is all about. 

How about you? Do you think you have beauty? Do you think your beauty comes from within or from a product. I hope you have people around you who confirm your inner beauty and allow you to show it no matter the event or product involved. For your next special occasion enjoy the beautification process…but let it spring from your inner beauty.


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