My husband and I enjoy reading signs and finding the humor the author intended. Here is one we saw in a local tatoo parlor. This store is just telling it like it is…

Why don’t you? Are you worried about being politically correct? Are you worried about hurting people’s feelings? Are you afraid of how the other person might react? Are you afraid to deal with the consequences of being honest? In a world where we hedge our bets, mince words, travel the middle road…when do you REALLY communicate what you think, feel, see? If you never say what you need to say…how will anyone know what you really want? How will they know what you need? How will they really know the true you?

You know what’s coming…let’s be honest. If you have read this blog enough you know a funny sign is not what this post is about. As usual, I challenge you to be honest and open with the people in your world. Say what you need to say, what you want to say…and then deal with the consequence. Living in fear is no way to live…honesty is the best policy.