This is a picture of bon bons. When I saw these it made me think of the old thought process that stay at home mothers sat around watching tv eating bon bons…like that was all they had to do during the day. I have a great deal of admiration for working mothers…let’s face it, any mother is a working mother. Whether it is inside the home or inside an office…being a mom is work. They sacrifice, shuttle, and shuffle all the areas of the family to make it all work. They pull it all together when the rest of the family may or may not be on the same page. 
So today I ask you to appreciate the women around you who work the first shift…maybe in an office, maybe in the home while the kids are at school, and the second shift…when everyone gets home and the rest of their day begins. They are the real work warriors. They are not home eating bon bons, they may not even know what a bon bon looks like. What they really want is to be appreciated, for people to put their dishes IN the dishwasher…and very long, uninterrupted nap!