Here you see my husband walking down a side street in Tokyo. We looooovvveee the side streets. They provide a completely different view of the city, the people, and allow us to see how the regular people live. Traveling the side streets means there is no plan, no timetable, and we usually see something that we would have missed in only traveling on the main streets. 

Isn’t that true about life in general? If you only do what everyone else does, you only experience what everyone else has already experienced. There is nothing unique, different or challenging. It’s all the same as everyone else’s world. I once had a wise man tell me…if you want to get ahead, look at what the masses are doing and do the exact opposite. Don’t follow the crowd, walk away from the crowd.

Today I ask you to travel a side road in your world. Get off the main road and look for a different perspective. Find the place few people go and create an adventure all your own. If you always travel the same route home, turn and go a different way. It’s time to take a side street and experience something different.