I am a sucker for decorated eggs. Not sure why, but they are one of my favorite things. Maybe it is the smooth shape, the multitude of colorful options, maybe it’s the combination of a delicate shell and creative execution. Maybe it’s the variety of options I have collected from across the globe…maybe it’s because I can fit them into any suitcase and enjoy them for years to come. Whatever it is, I am fascinated. In this little bowl I see such vibrant colors and attractive patterns, I am both amazed and in awe of the talent it took to decorate them all by hand. 

What fascinates you? What do you collect? What do you gravitate to in stores…anything in particular? What sits on your shelves for you to admire? Is it something small, or big or somewhere in between? Is it handmade, manmade, or something from nature? I hope that you collect something, even if it is electronic, tiny, or in progress. Collecting allows us to enjoy a variety of the same thing…we can enjoy diversity in one item and find amazement in how other cultures, locations, people, talents all interact with the same item. Today I hope you enjoy your collection of the same but different.