Inspiration 229: As Delightful as Corn Bread

I am not a foodie, and yet at times there are dishes I eat that make we want to talk about food. This is a picture of corn bread served in a sterling cup. I ate it at the Cantina in Asheville, NC. It was sweet, warm, and everything you want from corn bread. 

What have you experienced recently that made you want to talk about it? Something you ate, something you saw, somewhere you visited? I hope that in your world you have new things happening to you that make you want to tell someone. 

What about what you create? Does it make people want to talk about it? Does it stir conversation? Does it make people think? I encourage you today to do something to make people talk…the conversation and the thoughts they encourage can be as amazing…as a delightful corn bread. 


What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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