This is the back end of our cat Artie. Recently he had a very frightful adventure with a thirty-five foot tree. We found him there after he was missing for 24 hours, and I did not hear his cries until around dusk. It was very frightening for my husband and I as we realized that we had to cut down the tree in order to save his life. Oh yeah, when I found him I was in my nightgown, had thrown on shorts…and that is what I was wearing to cut down the tree (which was about as big as my hisband’s thigh!) We got scratched up by the blackberry bushes, shouted some very loud explicatives, and sweat our clothes ringing wet… as it took over a hour to cut down the tree. Artie was saved, the tree was down, and we were very relieved. 

What’s my point? Let me ask you, what crazy circumstances are you willing to endure to get the job done? How much will you endure to get to the solution? Where do you draw the line on crazy? When do you give up? Do you even know? Have you been tested…and how did you fare? 

That night we found out how far we would go to save a silly, scared cat. We worked together to endure it all to gave little Artie…whew! It took us 2 saws, 2 ax, and me in my nightgown to reach the end. What will you do?