Yes, that is a coat hanger installed in some mishappen way to keep whatever this system does moving forward. I had a good laugh imagining the repairman trying to install it, moving it, bending it, welding it…until it worked. A coat hanger, that was the key element that makes this huge mechanical system work. And it was huge – I saw it on top of a 5 story building working loud and hard.

You know you’ve done something similar. You haven’t quite known how to solve whatever it was, so you bent a coat hanger into something useful and solved the problem. Ta-da! resolved and solved…for a little while that is. Gotta love ingenuity combined with desperation. 

I encourage you today to not give up. There is a nagging problem in your world that you do not know how to solve…maybe it’s coat hanger time! Time to resort to the unknown. Time to let the desperation of the situation drive you to think completely outside of convention and rig something to get it done for now. Once it works, you can figure out a better solution, or save to replace it…what ever it is, just get out a coat hanger and make it work.