These succulents grow in a pot on our front steps. This year they have multiplied prolifically. I have done little except water them maybe once a month. What I love is the color and flower like way in which they grow. 

They make me think about how little I have interacted with them, yet they are bigger than ever. The less I did the more beautiful they have become. And it made me think of my own creations. How many times have I overworked  something and ruined it? I pondered, putzed, futtered, and dabbled a bit too long, too much, too many touch ups…and it was overdone. I actually have a flat file drawer where I put “in progress” works and my many botched creations. Creations go to that drawer to take a very long, slow quiet rest in obscurity.

What are you wokring on that you have been pondering too long? What are you writing that you keep editing and tweaking and word smithing, until you have beaten it to a creative pulp? What problem do you have right now that you have had on your brain so long that you are over it? Sometimes these works, writings, problems need to go into the in progress drawer and rest…for a long time. Give your brain a break, move on to something else and let your mind free itself. I find when I do this, I have the AhA moment…an idea strikes me and I am able to change course. Let your overworked piece be like a succulent…it may need very little attention to become more beautiful.