Yes, this goat is on a leash. It is a new problem solver in our area. You rent goats, put them on a leash and then anchor the leash to the ground. The goats then eat everything they encounter…which clears your land using a “green” methodology. Driving home last night I saw that our neighbors had three in their yard. 

I then had a thought. All the goats are really doing is using their God given ability to eat anything…and I mean anything. Farmers and developers are leveraging the skills of the goats in a new way. It feeds the goats, clears the  land, and makes the goat farmer some extra income. It’s a win, win, win situation.

So what about you? What is your God given ability that makes you different than others? What could you do if you focused on that ability and let yourself loose? And how would the world benefit if you leverage your ability to make the world a better place? Like anchoring your leash and working in one spot, you could change the  landscape around you. So think about what you do better than anyone else, and go at it like a goat on a leash!