This work by Mary Maupin ( is showing at the New Morning Gallery in Asheville, NC. When I walked by I actually stopped in my tracks. I think it was the color, the subject, and the way she positioned the sleepy cabin in the woods. This work is called “Farm on Shelton Laurel”. 

As I enjoyed this piece, it made me think of the cabins I have visited in my travels and the hours of quiet and calm I enjoyed within each one. It also made me think of the people I spent time with whiling away the hours of a lazy Saturday afternoon. And it made me want to find a cabin and take a nap. I stood there for a while enjoying this work, snapped my shot, then kept shopping. 

What does this make you think about? What pleasant memories does it conjor within your past? When you see someone else’s work, do you take time to enjoy it? Or are you in such a hurry to see what there is to see that you miss the quiet and calm and work like this can evoke? I was a victim that day of my own agenda. I saw it, stopped, then moved on too quickly. I had somewhere to be, things to do, places to go. I encourage you today to enjoy someone else’s creativity – a book, a movie, a photograph, a painting – and spend real time delving into the thoughts their creativity encourages. I know it will inspire you to stop and enjoy the quiet…