These chairs in front of The Grove Park Inn wait all day long for people to rest, relax, and fellowship. Some people only use them when they are waiting to be picked up or dropped off. Some people use them to tie their shoes or change their shoes. Some people use them when they are overheated and need a rest. And some people simply walk right by never even seeing them…then there are the wise ones. 

The wise ones are the people who stop for no other reason than to rest and enjoy the people. They sit and enjoy the day, the location, the weather, the people walking by, the people they are with…they simply sit and let the process take over. If you are willing, something will happen to you in a rocking chair. Your cares and woes will melt into the pavement if you will allow the calm to overtake the anxiety of being you. We all need calm. We all need peace. We all need rest. And yet the hub bub of our overscheduled world robs us of calm, peace and rest. 

Next time you see a group of rocking chairs I dare you to sit and NOT look at your watch, phone, or other electronic device. I double dog dare you to lose track of time. I triple dog dare you to invite someone you love to sit next to you with no agenda other than being together at that moment in time. Allow the gentle sway to melt the world away for a period of time – a period longer than a commercial break or wifi outage…take the time to be you, take the time to let the process clear way the stress and restore your world to calm.