There are many guilds and organizations across the country that support and promote craft and handmade works of art. This is the gift shop for the Southern Highland Craft Guild. It is located in Asheville, NC. If you have never had a chance to see the work inside, it is well worth the trip. 

The three step process to get into the guild is very rigorous. For some cratfspeople it takes decades to be accepted, and the majority who apply never get in. I have treod and failed, plan to try again. Why so tough you ask, it’s called standards of excellence. If you want to see the top work from artists in the southeast, this is the place. Standards of excellence…important words that are often over looked in this age of fast food, instant fame, and twenty-four hour news briefs. There is an amazing thing that happens when someone invests their time, efforts and long earned skills into a work of art. The quality and beauty of the piece is obvious. 

Do you know anyone who spends hours perfecting their craft? Who studies, learns, listens and practices their artform to get better and better with each work they create? Are you that person? How could what you do be made better by study, learning, or taking the time to improve your standards of excellence? Anything youdeem worthy  of spending your time on could only get better if you focused more. If it’s worth spending your time, isn’t it worth investing in doing it better? Maybe it’s time for you to think about your own standard of excellence, is it time to raise the bar?