This is the leftover bloom of a Cereus Night Blooming plant. It only blooms for 12 hours, one night a year. Some plants do not bloom for a decade. Once it is done blooming, this is what happens to it…it drops off the plant and disintegrates. If you don’t know much about this plant, I would encourage you check out this time lapsed video on uTube of the blooimng process. It’s absolutely incredible.

This is the second year we were able to watch this phenomenon of nature. Our plant had three blooms, each bloomed one night…so for three nights in a row we had quite a show. Instead of sharing with you photos of the blooms, I wanted to talk about the end of the process. 

Ok, so the plant only blooms for a short time, then ends up looking like this. It might sound tragic, and yet let’s look at it from another perspective. We are only on this earth for a relatively short period of time. How do you want to end your days – well preserved or spent? Like the sofa no one actually sat on, or the one that has frayed corners, stained seats, broken arms and faded pillows…with great stories and years of unending service? I want to look like I did something, not like I was so wellpreserved  that no one can tell what I actually accomplished. I would rather rust out than fade away. I want to reach the end of my time looking bedraggled, used up, old and worn to the bone. I want to have used every bit of my potential for my short years on earth and slide into heaven with a sweeping sigh of relief to have made it to the end. This plant reminded me of that desire. It looks spent doesn’t it – let’s face it, it looks horrible…but what a way to go!

Blow it out, give all you have for the short period of time…then disintegrate into nothingness. It’s not a bad way to go! Take steps today to rust away..make your goal to be spent!