Inspiration 216: Follow the Thread

I found these vintage thread rolls at a flea market. I think it’s amazing that they are still in tact and in such good condition – wound tight and still ready for production. 

In all the aspects of life, there are three sides of the story…your side, my side, and what really happened. The question is which side of the story do you really want to believe? How do you decipher the real story? Sometimes it is easier to believe the false…it seems more logical. The truth can be very bizarre, tiresome, or may even be too fantasic or horrible to fathom. 

As you listen to people today, listen for all sides of the story. Listen for the truth, listen for the exaggerated, listen for the honest thoughts people REALLY need to share. Sometimes people just need you to listen. It is a masterful skill to listen and provide what people need, which is relationship. Be that someone who actually listens to people and hears what they are really trying to say…follow the thread they are weaving by listening. 


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