We all have a certain perspective about our world. We see things from our point of view each and every day. We experience each day from our own opinions, our personal world view, the one we have crafted from each experience of our lives. What we have seen, what we have expereinced, the people we have known…they all have combined to invent the person we are today. 

Sometimes we need to see the world from someone else’s point of view to better appreciate our own world. Let me give you an example. We have a friend who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She contracted the disease as a result of second hand smoke…her husband has smoked every day of their married life. When I hear that news, my heart sank for both of them. For her, who will have to muster the courage to fight the $#@$1!!! disease known as cancer. For him, as he must face the fact that his habit was the cause of her disease. 

I encourage you to put your world into perspective, if only for the moments after you have read this post. Step back, take a long look at the world around you, knowing that someone out there is struggling with something you are not. No matter what is happening in my world, when I remember these two friends, the rest is just noise.