We enjoy Food Trucks – the variety, the food, the items we can’t get anywhere else. It’s a great concept. Atlanta has a food truck park, and when we are downtown we try and visit to see who is serving what. Here my husband is being served his pulled pork with grits and corn cakes with chicken. He said it was subblime!

Food trucks are not a new phenomenon, and yet they have become a hip way for chefs and foodies to serve, taste, and enjoy a variety of meals without the hefty overhead of a restaurant. In essence, they have turned the restaurant world upside down by thinking outside of the standard business model. 

Today I challenge you to think outside of the standard model. Just because it has always been done that way, doesn’t mean you can’t think of a new way to do something. And when you see someone else doing it a different way, maybe you need to muster some courage and join them on this new path. When you have the courage to take a chance – you may win, you may lose – and you will not know which it will turn out until you try. Like trying new food, try thinking of a new way to do something. Who knows, you may be inventing the next food truck-like trend that will sweep the world…you won’t know until you try!