I am not a great fan of weeding…ok, let’s be honest, I despise it. I enjoy the planting and growing and watering, I hate the weeding…which is the boring maintenance part of taking care of our property. I see the weeds grow, I watch them take over our flower gardens, and it gets me depressed. When I see them, I know they have to go…and I am the one who will have to do the work to clean it all up. 

As I was weeding this morning, I thought about why I hate it so much. And I realized that it’s maintenance, and maintaining things is boring. Installing, building, refreshing, all those things are fun, new, exciting, exhilarating…maintaining things seems such a drudgery. And that made me think about my life, my work, my areas of service, and my home. By being honest with myself, I realized the day to day maintenance items to me are a bore. It is one of those thing I am not proud of, and yet I must be honest with myself. Maintenance is one of those things I procrastinate all the time. I don’t like it, so I avoid it….then it gets away from me, becomes a larger job, and I am overwhelmed and depressed by the time it takes me to maintain things. 

If we did not maintain our lives, they would fall apart…and yet the maintenance items are not glamorous, they are required. Beauty requires maintenance…and maintenance requires discipline and effort. My encouragement to you today is to figure out a way to stop avoiding the maintenance and embrace the role it plays in your beautilful life. Find a way to get yourself moving on the maintenance items, and just get them done. My weeding trick is two buckets – I weed until I fill two buckets worth of weeds, then I call it done for the day. Two buckets, I can fill two buckets, accomplish some progress, and NOT get overwhelmed or bored. What do you need to maintain in your world where you can embrace the two buckets philosophy?