Sugar Free Fried Pies – a North Georgia delicacy. If you have never had a handmade fried pie, you are missing one of life’s great cullinary treats. Here they are packed on the tray being served to hungry patrons lined up ten deep. We drove thirty minutes to buy some…and yes, I ate one in the car on the way home.

What is it about certain foods that make us travel to extraordinary lengths to want to eat them? Is it the joyful memory of the time we first ate them? Is it the pleasure we derive when we are eating them? Or is it the adventure of getting there – like fulfilling a quest – that makes the consuming that much more wonderful? I don’t know the answer, it could be some combination of all those…or even something more. What ever it is, I’m glad to live in a world where fried pies exist.

I encourage you today to be glad for something you enjoy that makes your world better….food, color, a place, a person, an experience. Spend time today REALLY enjoying the joyful elements of life. Savor the joy and let your soul smile.