My husband loves to can and pickle…get that, my husband does that stuff, not me. He loves it, I have no interest in it other than eating and enjoying the end product. We give his canned goodies away as gifts, and I always let the recipients know that HE made it, not me. People assume that beacuse I am female I do all that…not true. 

For us, the different things we do makes our world work. He cooks and cans and pickles, and I bake and renovate and invent. I run the business and money side of things and he runs the technical computer and travel side of things…he mows the lawn, I clean the toilets and kitty litter box. We didn’t sit down and list out who would do what, we worked together to find each other’s strengths and preferences…and figured it out along the way. Sometimes it works better than others, yet in the end it works for us. 

The reason I point this out is that people assume things because of what we do for a living, how we express ourselves, or our gender…and those assumptions are not true. I encourage you today to work within your strengths and preferences instead of trying to be something people assume you should be. Sometimes you are the cook, and sometimes you are the one who eats…either way, figure out your domestic agenda and make it work.