Our neighbor grows sunflowers. Each season we drive by and comment on the beauty of the yellow fields. On this day we stopped to take pictures. Unexpectedly, the flowers were covered with bees. I had a bit of panic as I am not a fan of bees, and my husband is allergic to the point of not being able to breathe if he gets stung. So what seemed like a good idea caused a moment of panic. Yet we navigated the rows and snapped a few shots. 

When I got home, I saw this shot and noticed the bee flying in the middle of the photo. That bee was busy at work pollinating their field, so we could drive by and enjoy the beauty. The thought of stinging us was not even on the  agenda. How many times do we do that to ourselves? We think about the worst possible outcomes, and easily talk ourselves OUT of a great idea. We panic and fret and fear about something that hasn’t even happened, and may never happen…ugh! We let fear rule us, so we never try.

On those days when you think the worst, when fear of the unknown, fear of bad consequences, fear of not knowing how to do something stops you from moving forward…think about this busy bee. If we had let fear force us back into the car, you would never see this photo – it would not have been taken. Fear would have won, and we all would have missed out on this moment with nature. Overcome your fear, and do it anyway.