Pallets – you’ve seen them all over. They are those nasty, wooden surfaces used to deliver crates, boxes, and appliances. Here is a store display where they used them as siding on the walls. I thought this was really cool, inventive, and very attractive. 

I greatly enjoy taking things and making them something different. Yet this display made me face reality. There is a lot of work in changing things, and some days we are more prepared to accomplish that work than others. When I saw this dispaly, I was not prepared to work that hard…and I hated that about myself. I see myself as the leader, the innovator, the one who charges forward and gets things done. And yet, on this day I was recovering from having had a cold for three weeks, I had traveled for two weeks straight, and I was just plain tired. All I wanted to do was be a lump on the sofa. 

This display made me face my tiredness and give myself a break. I encourage you to do the same. I had a mentor once tell me that like the sea, our energy can ebb and flow – so do not make life changing decisions during low tide. Knowing when you are experiencing low tide is as important as knowing when you are riding a tidel wave and winning. We all have down days, we all have sickness, we all have to overcome the bad to appreciate the good. We all have to battle the daily grind to get to the finish line. Today may be that day for you…don’t give up. Go be a couch potato and give yourself time to rest. The tides will change and soon your energy, vitality and excitement will return you to the person you want to be.