Dollars and cents – our world revolves around it whether we like it or not. Money, the number one topic for high volume discussions in marriage, the topic of newspapers, magazines, talk shows, and the reason many of us do what we do…to make enough money to support our lifestyles. 

How do you handle money? Are you a saver, a spender, or somewhere in between? Are you willing to go without to reach a goal, or do you feel a sense of exhilaration when you experience a littel retail therapy? Do you have a budget? Are you in debt? Do you check your bank balance, or ignore it hoping someone deposited money into your account by accident? We all have money issues no matter our circumstances. 

But money is not the problem, it is our attitudes and habits that get us into trouble. Sometimes “NO” is the best answer. It might be hard to turn people down or not spend, or forego a social event – and yet it can be the very word that helps us get a handle on things.  Money does not define our worth. Money is not everything, it is what helps us purchase things…it does not make us who we are. Your value is in your self worth, your ability to pour your gifts into the lives of others. Your value is in your ability to embrace what makes you YOU, and share that gift with the world. Sometimes that gift is money, sometimes it is time…either way, be thankful today for what you have and how hard you worked to get it.