Inspiration 195: Make Your Face Wrinkle

My husband and I love a good flea market. You never know what you are going to find…as this sign indicates. We actually went down this aisle and found just what the sign advertised – body piercing booths, then cute cuddly puppies, kittens and bunnies. Not a combinaiton I would have expected.

Don’t just go down the aisles you know – go to the ones you don’t. We were not looking to get pierced or take home a new pet…but we had fun checking out both areas. I saw a 35 pound rabbit (no kidding!) and an ear spike that made my face wrinkle. Both were surprising and interesting, neither were for me to buy…but they both made me think differently. 

Check out the unexpected today…which means you may have to venture into the unkown areas of your city town, county, or neighborhood. Cross over that bridge or travel down the road without knowing exactly where it leads. You may find something interesting and see something new…or something surprising that makes your face wrinkle!


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