I was in the Boston airport this week, and encountered this incredible metal sculpture. It was created and installed by Chris Williams – http://www.chriswilliamssculpture.com.  What I liked about it was the combination of metal and glass to create the illusion of real fish swimming. 

When I visited his website, while waiting for my plane to board, I noticed the way he had mastered his craft AND had great examples of his work…creative, life like, and totally amazing. I was inspired that I could learn about a new artist at the airport. 

Where do you encounter new art? Where do you go to be inspired, to light the fire of your creativity? There are museums, galleries, shows, festivals, even street artists – all sorts of artists are all around begging to show you their creations. I encourage you today to find something you have never seen before and examine it closely. Take time to admire not only the creativity that was captured in the work, but the way the artist mastered their concept, the way they utilized their supplies/skills/talents to create something different. Bask in the ingenuity of an artist who is able to put fish on a wall….and make a bored traveler stop and think.