This was our dinner – I say was because as you can guess, we ended up not eating it. My husband put these four chicken quarters on the grill, and within minutes this is what happened. Kaboom! Three foot high flames, and no chicken for dinner. At first my husband was REALLY mad, he had a taste for grilled chicken. Once we contained the fire, we laughed…then said, “I guess we’re having pizza!”

Sometimes in life you have to move to plan B. You have to get over the disappointment and failure of plan A, and regroup quickly to move to the next best thing. In some instances that can be harder to do than others. In the case of big life changes – divorce, job loss, business failure, fire – plan B can seem non-existent, or even an impossibility.

My challange to you today is to think about where in your life you have had to move to plan B, and how did it work out? Where else might you need to give up the first idea for a more feasible better idea? The real key to success is knowing when to go to plan B, and making it your plan A! Think of plan B where the “B” means better…and remember there is always pizza!