As I walked this morning, I was trying to clear my thoughts of all the things I needed to accomplish. That list seemed long and a bit overbearing. As I traveled, I saw this butterfly on the road. Just sitting there, warming itself in the sunshine. No goal, no worries, just resting on the warm pavement.

Wow, I need to be more like that! I need to take time to rest and enjoy the warmth of my day. I need to get better, and be intentional about being me. How much time do I spend thinking, worrying, focusing on things outside of my control…only to leave behind or ignore the things that can make a difference, that I can control. I am so busy getting things done that I forget to just be me. I forget to appreciate my talents and skills, thoughts and dreams. I rush, rush, rush…and end up feeling hurried, overwhelmed…and rushed!

So today I encourage you to be like a butterfly on pavement – rest in the warmth of your day, enjoy who you are and what skills you possess.