Believe it or not, I saw these two figurines for sale in an antique shop. They made me laugh. He seems to be very passionate about playing the saxophone, and she looks like his playing is actually painful; her ears are burning or ready to explode. So why did someone make these? What were they trying to illustrate? And can you imagine putting them on your shelves to view and admire on a regular basis?

 I do have to admire each one’s passion. The boy for his playing and enthusiasm about his music. The girl for her willingness to show her true emotion and opinion. Both seem unafraid to share what they feel inside. They are putting it all out there for the world to see it, judge it, agree or disagree. Not matter what, they are being honest and true to themselves. 

I ask you to do that same thing today. Stop hiding behind the politically correct, half truths, watered down emotions, or the expected thing to do. Be yourself and be proud to share who you are with the entire world. Some people may not understand, and others will be impacted beyond your imagination. Take the risk to express what you REALLY want to express…let the chips fall where they may, just express the truth.