Time. No matter who you are, where you live, or how much money you make…you only get twenty-four hours in each day. No more, no less. We can’t buy more, we can’t win more, we can’t bargain and make twenty-four hours turn into twenty-five…no chance. We all have the same gift each day. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference. 

We can spend time, we can invest time, we can even squander time. What makes one person better or worse, more happy or more sad, content or frustrated is what they do with their twenty-four hours. What they do with their time. We control our actions and our attitudes, nothing more, nothing less. What do you do with your time? I know, I know, you are busy and can’t pack one more thing into your world. There’s work, home, family, physical fitness, eating, sleeping, relaxing, cleaning, grooming…and so much more. Just listing it all makes me exhausted.

My challenge to you today is to unwind your world, look at it from another perspective. Is what you are doing with your time what YOU want to do with it, or what you feel obligated to do? Is it expected by our culture or your family, maybe your job or career, or is it something you REALLY want/need/desire to do? Will someone else’s world be better because of how you spent your time? When you reach the end of your days and face the truths around which you have spent your time, what will be your regret? Will you have wanted to send one more email or attended one more meeting? Or will you regret someone who’s life you did not touch? 

Regret is a painful way to pass your last thoughts. Don’t let time pass you by today…stop, look for that someone you can help have a better day by your action or attitude…you can conquer time by doing something more. Time, it is the great equalizer…so work with me to beat it and make just one person’s day better by using your time to change the world…