Some days you need cute, right? Ya’ just need that uncontrollable feeling that no matter what is happening in your day, cute still exists in the world. Cute rules…it brings us back to the days of sweet summer afternoons and puppy kisses. Cute makes our hearts soar and our souls sigh…cute brings out the child in all of us…so cute yeilds more cute. 

If you need cute today, here are a couple suggestions…go to your local pet shop and get licked by a puppy or kitten. All your troubles will disappear. No pet shops nearby, try stopping in the baby section of a local store and look at the shoes…how cute are those? So small, so precious, so cute. If those two do not work for you, do a google search on cute…just do something to appreciate cute today. Wave at a baby, pet a pooch, enjoy a tiny cupcake…anything – just bring on the cute!