A friend of mine has nicknamed his retirement years as living in a tree house. When he talks about it, at first I actually pictured something like this. Then, as I thought about it, I began to wonder what tree house living meant to me. 

How would I live if I could be in complete control of my world? Who would I work with? What would I do? And how much money would I acutally need to live on? Would I travel? Would I garden? Would I create great works of art? Would I serve some worthy group of mankind? Would I pour my years of knowledge and experience into others? Or would I grow old sitting on my front porch, watching the trees in my yard grow taller?

It is a lot to ponder, yet worth pondering. I think the term retirement has changed since my grandfather retired. It no longer means not working. It really means what am I going to do next? How do I want to spend/invest the last of my productive years?

I heard a wise woman once say, “Your exit plan IS your strategy.” So what is your exit plan? What are you doing today to prepare for your next step in life? What is your strategy to be prapared for your tree house years?